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Korrak's Revenge (Alterac Valley) notes
« on: November 23, 2019, 11:39:45 AM »
During the 15th anniversary event, Korrak's Revenge is a fast way to level alts.  Here are some notes:

* Until you know what's going on, stick with the largest group of people you can find and help them kill things (attacking enemy players > regular NPC units > elite NPC units, generally).  If you die early, try to get back on offense, though it can be tough when there are a lot of enemy players at the chokepoints.  Horde will win 80-90% of the time.  Fast losses make for faster leveling than slow wins or losses, as you get 40% of a level for a loss, but even a long match will still award XP at a pretty high rate.

* If you get a fresh match, talk to the NPC on the left side of the gate and get the free Stormpike Insignia (or Frostwolf Insignia) toy.  This gives you a teleport to your base with a 2m cooldown.

* You'll get a quest to kill Korrak, with a weapon reward (ilvl 400 at level 120).  Most of the time the BG group will not do this quest.  You can get this quest done in Zul'drak in Northrend at the Amphitheater of Anguish, if you or a friend haven't done it already (demon hunter friends are a good bet for this).  Within the battleground, Korrak spawns at Snowfall graveyard in the center of the map.  This graveyard is commonly ignored by both sides, though not always.

* You are scaled down to level 60 during this event, which means level-0 heirlooms work and increase your rate of XP gain.

* There are three dailies which award extra XP and timewarped badges: graveyards, towers, and scraps.  These are worth doing if you can, but you'll still get plenty of XP if you ignore them.  Ignore the three mine-related quests.  These quests can all be shared, and sometimes are at the start of a match.

* The most common match outcome is an offensive progression taking about 15 minutes, with the horde being a bit faster.  (I generally see the horde being a little slower to get past the first graveyard and bunkers, but substantially faster once they get into the alliance base.)  There's usually a limited amount of defense on both sides slowing things down, but the biggest delay is chewing through the health bars of enemy elites.  Most elites can be CC'd, but it's much more common for them to be tanked and killed.

* A less common outcome is a turtle, where large groups on both sides face off indefinitely.  This usually happens when someone retakes the first graveyard before the second one is fully capped, causing lots of respawns on the defensive side of the map.  Turtles can also happen when one side's offensive fails catastrophically, either because someone convinced the group to rush the enemy base or because tanks and healers aren't present in the vanguard.  If you're stuck in a turtle match, try to get past the front lines and gather into a big enough group to take and hold an objective.  During a turtle match it's common for Ivus or Lok'delar to be spawned, which is fun but usually not game-winning.

* Stealth classes are very useful, as they can get into the enemy base and contest towers before the main group makes their way in.  Stealth also makes these classes good for recapping poorly defended towers and bunkers.

* There is a secret way into the horde base, where you run left along the outside of the fence, make a few jumps, and get behind the graveyard.  Most players don't know about it.  If a few players do this at the right time, they can cap the relief hut and effectively end the horde base defense.  I don't see this happen often, but it's a fairly common ingredient to the rare alliance victories.

* Two elite abominations patrol the road on the horde side.  Grummus can be controlled by a death knight, but Murp cannot.  A controlled Grummus doesn't output much threat or damage, but he has a lot of health, and can tank an elite if no one is hitting it.

* The horde have longer queue times (around 12 minutes) than the alliance (around 2 minutes).

Mechanics notes:

* Graveyard flags are guarded by four regular NPCs and one elite NPC, which can be kited away to let someone take the flag quickly.  Once the flag is taken, the graveyard is contested (no one can respawn there), and will convert to the attacker's side in five minutes (an addon called Capping can be used to keep track).  During those five minutes, if a defending player takes the flag, it instantly converts back to the defender's side.  A fully converted graveyard will spawn its own NPC defenders, and can be contested and flipped by the opposing side.

* Towers (horde) and bunkers (alliance) are guarded by some archers and one elite.  The elite can be kited or CCd and the archers can mostly be line-of-sighted.  After a five-minute contesting period, the tower or bunker is permanently destroyed.  If a defender retakes the flag, it instantly converts back and the timer is reset.  Retaking towers or bunkers is one of the most effective ways of slowing down the enemy offensive.

* The end bosses (Drek and Van) are protected by one elite for each enemy tower/bunker still up and one for each destroyed friendly tower/bunker.  These can be pulled out of the building and killed ahead of time, or offtanked.  They do periodic whirlwinds, so tanking several of these together with the boss will kill the melee group.
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Re: Korrak's Revenge (Alterac Valley) notes
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For Korrak, if you have not done the Zul'Drak quest, you can do the arena challenge and killing him counts.  That is, go to AV, get quest, go to Zul'Drak and kill Korrak, go back to AV to turn in the quest. Do not turn in before 120. As Marco notes, the weapon is 400 at 120, and it's not repeatable.  You can buy 380 weapons from the AV vendor outside the entrace in Hillsbrad.