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Re: Bfanomics
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Tidespray Linen is as cheap as I have seen it on this server, with a large amount available at 1.65g.  It doesn't usually go much below 1.8g as you can craft and vendor legs to make a profit at that price.  But it's also a cheap way to generate gloom dust and umbra shards for enchants.  I have been moving ring and weapon enchants at a pretty good clip since 8.3 launched, so it's nice to have a cheap way to regenerate my supply of the low-level mats.  There are more complicated shuffles to generate veiled crystals, but for the moment I have a large number of leftover prismatic manapearls which can be converted to veiled crystals via benthic gear.

Zin'anthid commands a high price as it is still needed for the best flasks.  Farming it has been slow (though it has been getting a bit better), as multibox farmers have flocked to Naz'jatar for profits.  Osmenite spiked in price in the second week of 8.3, but has been settling down as demand for the new crafted gear has declined.

Old herb prices have been inconsistent, though generally higher than before the patch.  The new favorites list in the base auction house UI is convenient for quickly finding out which old herb is cheapest at the moment.