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Diablo 4
« on: November 20, 2019, 12:38:14 PM »
There's a blog post up about Diablo 4 system design.  A number of things sound different from Diablo 3 (items won't be as important to power level, rifts will be replaced with something more reminiscent of WoW's M+ dungeons), but nothing stands out as super cool or super bad to me.


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Re: Diablo 4
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2019, 01:07:54 PM »
A lot of it is pretty high level, so I wouldn't expect much to be controversial. There's some good motivations in there, at least.

I think the paragon leveling system worked well conceptually, at least. I think it's important for a game like this to have some incremental and vaguely infinite progression. Items can fill that aspect to an extent, but tying power exclusively to that can feel a bit crummy based on luck. There was a certain point--especially in non-seasonal--where paragon levels outweighed just about everything else. That's a half decade of power accruing, but I can understand their hesitance. Diablo 2 made is very difficult/grindy to actually ever reach max level and your character had what they "needed" usually by 60-70, which is an interesting angle but I'm not sure how well that would play in 2020.

Their thoughts on itemization are a good starting point. The way to re-inject fun into D3 was to drastically pump up damage via sets/legendaries and continually pump them up further every few seasons, which absolutely spiraled out of control. There's a tough balance here, though. Legendaries were absolute shit in vanilla D3 and rares were the key to success. I'm not going to complain about selling a couple of rare weapons for $100 each back then, but from a gameplay perspective, having 2893892 rares with random names and affixes and having to eyeball each one of them to try and identify which one is actually good is a bit of a crappy experience. Some of that is probably due to the inflation of the amount of loot that D3 had, though. I remember in D2, specifically saving a quest reward to convert an item to rare for weapons until way later in the game, because rare weapons could roll double leech and some other things that made them just about the best thing possible other than some expensive rune word(s).

I think a pivot back to the style of Uniques that D2 had where they might give you unusual effects or have combinations of affixes that aren't available anywhere else or do something unique (like Buriza's piercing bolts) that open up new builds/synergies. I feel like D3 had that early on after the first wave of loot revisions made them not total junk but as we got into double digit seasons they started making them the same way they made sets: adding six zeroes to something's damage.