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PvP Primer Guide
« on: January 04, 2012, 10:51:50 AM »
PVP Primer


Alderaan-This is a capture & defend battleground. Three turrets can be controlled and cause enemy ship damage when controlled. When a ship reaches 0 HP, that team loses. Motorspeeders will take the players near the Middle Turret via a long route. If one of the Outer Turrets is controlled, Motorspeeders on the far ends of the Repsawn Room appear that will take a Player directly to the corresponding Outer Turret. This can be used to quickly reinforce and defend the Outer Turrets.
Tips: Any damage will break an enemey's cap attempt (must be channeled on the turret), so be sure to AoE the cap spots if you see someone capping (they will have a large blue pillar rising up as well as a blue cast bar). Also, DoT damage will interrupt caps. So if you are about to die, toss DoTs out.

Voidstar-This is an Assault/Defence battleground. The attacker will need to penetrate 3 areas to reach the goal. Attackers will need to plant bombs on 1 of 2 doors and defend those bombs from the Defenders. Placing a bomb is a channeled action that can be interrupted via damage/CC (similarly with disarming them). Defenders will have a respawn time (timed gate that opens every 30sec), while Attackers will respawn instantly at the far end of the most recently captured room.
Tips: Try to get enemies down as a group rather than 1 by 1 because all it takes is 1 person to stop the Bomb placement. A team only needs 1 person to plant the bomb, so if someone else is planting it, move to protect him by CC'ing incoming enemies.

Huttball-This is the Star Wars version of Rugby. This battleground can also be same faction vs. same faction. A ball sits in the middle of the zone and the goal is to get it over the other team's goal line (right in front of their spawn zone). When possessing the ball you move at a reduced pace and have a large pillar of light marking you. Knockbacks are extremely prevelant in saving/capping the ball. Upon killing the ball carrier, the person on the opposing team who got the killing blow will receive the ball. Hazards are also placed in the zone that blast fire. Do not stand in fire.
Tips: Pass the ball via an action in your general tab (Passing is the key to winning Huttball). The ball will go to the person nearest the center of the area where you tossed it (enemies included). Don't try to carry the ball over hazards unless your CC break is off CD. Enemies will usually stun you as you try and walk over the fire vents.

Pre-50 PvP:

Players of all Levels play vs. one another in this game. Lower levels receive a buff called Bolster. This increases your damage, healing, and HP to be competative with level 50. However, you do not gain the benefit of Talents, Skills, or Superior Equipment that 50's possess.

Rewards from PvP:

Upon completion of a Warzone, players receive Credits, XP, Warzone Commendations, and Valor Points. The amount depends on how well their team did (win or lose) and how many Medals they scored.

Warzone Commendations may be spent at the Republic Fleet for gear or consumables. Gear thresholds are at 20, 40, and 50. Warzone Commendations may also be traded for Mercenary Commendations that are used in conjuction with Warzone Commendations to buy Battlemaster Supply Crates, Vehicles, or other unique items.

Valor rating is the equivalent of PvP ranking. At ever 10 levels of Valor you will receive a new PvP Title. A Valor ranking of 50 is required for the best PvP Gear.

Epic PvP Gear exists in 3 levels right now, Centurian, Champion, and Battlemaster. Centurian Gear is redeemed with Commendations from Champion Bags. Champion gear is redeemed via random tokens in Champion Bags. Battlemaster Gear (Valor 50 required) is redeemed via random tokens in Battlemaster Bags. Upon completion of PvP Daily/Weekly quests (Warzone & Ilum), you are granted Champion and/or Battlemaster Bags for the potential of getting gear. It is RNG, and tokens are only redeemable for 1 specific item for your class only. If you receive doubles and an alt can't use it, your best bet is to rip the Epic Mods out of it.

Benefits of PvP Gear:

PvP Gear is not fully customizable like Orange Gear. It contains some stats that can only be acquired by wearing it specifically. The PvP Stat is called Expertise, and it boosts the Damage vs. another player. This makes the stat useless in PvE encounters (although the base stat boosts from the gear make it head and shoulders above typical level 50 gear right out of the gate).

If you are lucky with the RNG Gods, you can get a fully suit with relative ease and very little PvP involvement. Even if you have no interest in PvP, you can still get the Champion Bags by completing the Ilum Dailies/Weeklies.

Battle for Ilum (Incomplete Open World PvP):

In theory Ilum functions as an open world Alterac Valley. In practice Republic and Imperial forces trade capturing objectives without any PvP whatsoever (you need them as much as they need you to recap objectives). Hopefully Bioware will impliment changes because right now there is no benefit to "Controlling Ilum". It is important to note there is no designated time frame that the battle starts. It is ongoing and continuous, so come whenever you like. However, you will need someone on the opposing faction to recap the spots so you can cap them for credit.
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