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Re: 8.3.x stuff
« Reply #75 on: October 10, 2020, 09:25:34 AM »
The Brawler's Guild will be closed (not permanently) during the pre-patch, so if you haven't gotten the Bruce mount from the quest chain, here are some notes and a link to a guide.  The whole thing takes about 90 minutes.

* You'll need other players to be fighting for two of the quest steps.  So bring a friend, use the group finder, or do the chain during the evening when people are more likely to be around.  People helping out can buy Bruce challenge cards to do trivial fights.
* I started with a fresh character, and I had to do one fight (against Bruce) before I could start the quest chain.
* Don't open any brawler's guild pouches from early fights until the quest step to accumulate soul shards.
* You'll need to open three rumble pouches for the step after that one.  There have to be three regular fights between each rumble.  So, do the penguin rumble every few matches and save the resulting pouches.  Or don't; you'll want to reach rank 6 anyway in order to get into the VIP lounge for a later step, and that will require doing more fights if you're starting from scratch.  (For the penguin rumble, make sure not to back up the penguin into a wall or you'll get pecked.  Otherwise it's just a DPS race, not too difficult with current gear.)
* You might want to look up the Ahoo'ru fight; it happens fairly early on in the rotation and it can't necessarily be brute forced.   (If you can kill him in five seconds, or a little longer if you have a knockback, then you win.  Otherwise you have to do his mechanics.)  I also died to the Klunk fight because of the unclear telegraph; you want to be outside of his circle at the end of his cast, not inside.
* You'll have to spend a thousand gold for one of the quest steps.


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Re: 8.3.x stuff
« Reply #76 on: October 11, 2020, 06:18:02 AM »
Damn, I wish I'd seen this earlier. Anyone interested in doing this tonight (Sunday) or tomorrow (Monday)?