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BfA theorycrafting resources
« on: September 01, 2018, 09:47:37 PM »
With BfA, there has been some evolution in the resources available to help players make decisions about gear and talents.  Here is an overview of my best understanding of the field.

Two big new entrants into the field are and, which do similar things.  These sites continually run simulationcraft over all of the DPS specs, scoring trinkets, Azerite traits, and secondary stats, and likely offer the most up-to-date answers to questions like:

* What are my best DPS trinkets and how do they compare at different item levels?
* What are my best Azerite armor pieces?
* Which Azerite traits should I pick?
* What are my best secondary stats and how important are they?  (Probably not as important as you think; item level is usually king in BfA outside of trinkets and Azerite gear.)

The caveats:

* They do not try to estimate tanking toughness or healing throughput, only DPS.
* They use the Simulationcraft character profiles, not your personal character profile.
* They are at the mercy of Simulationcraft's accuracy, which usually gets better over time but can be imperfect.

I like bloodmallet's presentation a little better.  Pay attention to the fight type in both tools; single-target DPS is not the whole story.

You can simulate your own character with Simulationcraft, either by downloading it and running it on your own computer or using  The former isn't really difficult but it is a bit clunky; is more slick and keeps itself up to date.  Running your own sims can be labor-intensive if you want to compare a lot of different trinket or Azerite options, but it is well-personalized. appears to be keeping up well with BfA to outside appearances.  This site uses its own simulation engine separate from Simulationcraft, supposedly making heavy use of real fight data to model encounters and verify results.  They run the simulation over a large variety of different gear combinations so that it has on hand adaptive weights for your imported character profile.  It also handles tanking and I believe healing.  The caveat is that not everyone believes in the quality of their simulator.  I think most of that is FUD but I have no way to judge with certainty.

I don't really recommend using Pawn at this time.  It doesn't know anything about trinkets or Azerite gear, and in the other slots the right answer is usually the piece with the highest item level.  It can easily give bad advice if you don't pay careful attention to the stat weights it is using.

wowhead and icy-veins both offer decent class guides for every spec, in partnership with theorycrafters.  These are usually good starting points, but they don't always answer your specific question.  They can also fall out of date due to balance chances, simulation improvements, and evolving understanding of how to approach current boss fights.  I recommend against noxxic; it generally gives too-simplistic advice.


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Re: BfA theorycrafting resources
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2019, 11:16:35 AM » just introduced a new tool called "droptimizer", which tries to tell you which bosses in a raid zone have the best loot for you.  From a quick look:

+ Uses Simulationcraft
+ Is tailored for your current gear (unlike bloodmallet, which uses a profile)
+ Seems pretty easy to use
- Only useful for DPS optimization, not tanking or healing
- Takes a while to run
- Won't look at Azerite gear unless you pay for premium
- Takes some extra setup if (I think) you're using a 2H weapon but could be using a 1H/OH
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