Author Topic: BATTLETECH anyone?  (Read 224 times)


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« on: May 21, 2018, 07:41:13 AM »
Anyone else playing the new iteration of this game? I backed this on Kickstarter because I loves me some turn-based tactical and this game scratches that itch extremely well. It has all the core Battletech nuttiness - giant walking robots with human pilots, lasers, missiles, jump jets because whythehellnot. It has the build-and-customize mechanics that some of the games featured (trade off tons of armor for tons of weapons, etc). It just replaces the real-time FPS style of combat with third-person perspective.

You also have pilots with various skills that you can allocate experience to, giving one of four possible specializations. I've yet to see which of them make the most impact.

The combat is pretty standard two-action stuff so far. You can move-move or move-shoot. It seems to lack some of the "overwatch" or reaction fire mechanics that other games have, which makes ambushes harder to set up and makes battles more slugfests. I suspect this makes the AI programming easier. So far the AI seems to do intelligent things - fleeing vehicles flee properly, different mech classes use their special abilities appropriately, it focuses fire on your weakest/most damage units (ow!), etc.

There's a "skirmish" mode that I may try after I get through the campaign.

My biggest beef is that the game doesn't seem to be at all optimized. Load times are "go read a chapter of a book" slow and animations are choppy on a system that gives me 60-100 FPS playing WoW (and at least 24 FPS in raids with spell effects going off everywhere).