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TradeSkillMaster addon
« on: September 30, 2017, 11:33:14 AM »
wowhead recently started doing a weekly economy wrapup, which brought to my attention the woweconomy subreddit and the TradeSkillMaster addon.  Previously I was using auctionator, which is comparatively simple: it can scan the auction house when you tell it to, it remembers a daily price history (minimum buyout) for each item, it displays the most recent price on item tooltips, and it can simplify the process of buying or posting individual items on the AH.

TSM does a lot more.  In broad strokes:

* It has a companion desktop application and web service.  The web service does periodic auction scans for each realm, and the desktop service retrieves that data and stuffs it into the WoW addon data for use by TSM.  The advantage of this approach is that the web service is collecting data constantly, while auctionator is inherently limited by when you do scans.  The web service computes a "market price" based on the data over time, which is helpful as instantaneous minimum buyout prices can be volatile.

* You configure TSM by organizing items into groups, defining operations, and attaching auction operations to groups.  Once you've done this, TSM can post (or cancel, or buy) a whole set of auctions very quickly according to the rules you've set.  The rules can be pretty sophisticated, like "do not post for less than the crafting cost plus 400g" or "do not post for less than 80% of the market price".

* You can also define operations for mailing, crafting, and destroying items, and for transferring items between bags and the various kinds of banks.

* It can display pricing data in item tooltips (like auctionator) and character inventory data (like altoholic).

It has some down sides:

* Running a desktop application puts your computer at the mercy of that code.  TSM is not new and no one has reported any problems with it to my knowledge, but it's a risk.

* An item can only be in one group, and all items in a group must have the same operations.  So if you do a lot of stuff with TSM, you may have to slice your groups pretty finely--if there are 20 items that should all be auctioned the same way, but should have different behavior for (say) mailing, you'll have to split up the groups.  In some ways if might be better if you could have separate group definitions for each module, but perhaps that would wind up being equally awkward.

* There are a couple of convenience features which can also be traps.  First, there is a "quick sell from bags" auction feature which is only useful if you want to sell every item in your bags.  Second, TSM will offer to create groups based on your professions, but since items can only be in one group, those groups will get in the way of defining your own groups for auctioning.

* Setup is not really very intuitive, so you'll need help from a guide, and the only useful introductory guides I've seen have been in video format.

* Since I installed the addon, I have noticed that background textures and item data take longer to load after logging in, leading to a mildly janky experience when checking a bunch of order halls.  It's a minor inconvenience, and I am not sure it's wholly attributable to TSM.