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Re: The Deaths of Chromie
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I still haven't tried doing this scenario as a healer (I finished it as DPS yesterday), but I'm watching Josh Allen do it that way on stream, and it looks like it might be the easiest role to do it as, except for one tricky point behind one of the portals.  Chromietank is kind of a monster with a healer keeping her topped off.


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Re: The Deaths of Chromie
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Summary notes, with some gameplay spoilers:

What is permanent:
* Once you complete the trash step for a dragonshrine and spawn the boss, you can go straight to that boss from then on.  You also qualify for possibly getting a quest to kill that boss at the start of the scenario.
* Once you beat a dragonshrine boss and turn in the chronoshard to spawn a portal, that portal remains present on future runs.
* Once you have completed one of the quest steps in Stratholme, you can see the quest items on the vendors in future runs.  This allows you to run around the town pre-buying quest items before doing the quests, saving time.
* Once you complete a portal, you become eligible for an item from Time-Lost Keepsake Boxes to significantly speed up that portal.
* Time-Lost Wallets from Sands of Time do not despawn after the end of a run, even if you haven't opened them yet.
* The obvious stuff: gold and pets from Time-Lost Wallets, AP from the intro quest, timewarped badges, reputation, and the transmog reward for the final quest.

What is temporary (goes away at the end of a run):
* Sands of Time
* Time-Lost Keepsake Boxes and their contents
* All speed, attack, defense, or stolen time bonuses from choosing the right-side option of Sands of Time
* All quests picked up or completed within the scenario
* The items required to complete the Stratholme quests, and the gate key you get for finishing them

A rough plan of attack might be:

1. Complete the trash steps in all four dragonshrines.  Spawn each boss, but don't fight them if you think you'll have trouble.  This will usually earn you the 1000 rep to get the Chromietank or Chromiehealer talent; if not, the obsidian dragonshrine trash is good for farming rep initially.
2. Kill the four dragonshrine bosses to spawn the four portals.  Do all four bosses in one run to unlock the 8/8 quest.  Killing the four dragonshrine bosses and the five magnataur is a good way to quickly grind rep with Chromie via sands of time if you want to unlock more Chromie talents.
3. Finish each portal, probably starting each one with a fresh run unless you already know how they work.
4. If you don't feel very confident about being able to go fast, farm rep and wait for more Chromie talents.  The one that doubles Sands of Time drops is a pretty huge boost.
5. Try to do everything in 15 minutes.  Luck will factor into success, as you will probably need at least one keepsake box and ideally at least one bronze drake.

There is no plot reveal or voiceover work after finishing the 8/8 quest--you just get the transmog set.  There is also no special reward for completing the bonus objective (completing all eight threats within 15 minutes, irrespective of stolen time).

If you're using the item to speed up the Well of Eternity portal, don't be shapeshifted (if you're a druid).  It might also be necessary not to be mounted.

If you have the item to speed up the Stratholme portal, you want to take the northwest gate, not the northeast gate that you would open if you did the portal normally.  It's a huge shortcut since you get to skip all the undead and go straight to the boss.

If you pick the bonus rep talent in the third talent row, killing the end boss of a portal with less than one minute left will grant a substantial amount of rep (in the ballpark of 500 depending on buffs).

If you open a sands of time and one of the options is a bronze drake, you can save the sands until you've finished three dragonshrines to force the bronze drake to complete the fourth (probably the obsidian dragonshrine because it's so far away).  You cannot do the same thing with keepsake boxes; they will cheerfully spawn items for portals you've already completed.  Fortunately, they do not seem to give repeat items within the same run.  [I only tried saving keepsake boxes and verified that doesn't work; I didn't try savings sands after seeing that they contained a keepsake box.]
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