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Legionomics: milling
« on: January 29, 2017, 09:19:32 PM »
I've had a few conversations about this topic recently.  Milling herbs in Legion has been pretty opaque, partly because people don't need ink for raid consumables most of the time (only when vantus runes are needed) and partly because it's pretty complicated in Legion.  Perhaps because of this, the market for herbs versus ink doesn't usually seem to be very close to rational.

First, a few resources: is the most authoritative reference I can find on the mechanics of milling. shows current herb prices. shows ink prices near the end.

A caveat is that selling herbs is normally easy, while selling ink may not be (I haven't tried).  But if you have a need for ink for some reason, you may want to know the most efficient ways to get it, compared to selling the herbs.  Milling dreamleaf seems to be the most efficient if you need a lot of roseate pigment; milling felwort seems to be the most efficient if you need a lot of sallow pigment.  Both yield ink worth about 250% as much as the herbs, based on mean prices from today.  Milling starlight rose seems like it might be a contender as prices have dropped, but right now it's a bit worse to break-even.  Here's the work:

Mill Dreamleaf:
  100 dreamleaf(@16) = 1600g
  -> 70 roseate(@39) + 7 sallow(@149) + 7 seeds(@15) = 3878g

Mill Felwort:
  100 felwort(@129) = 12900g
  -> 45 roseate(@39) + 210 sallow(@149) = 33045g

Mill Starlight Rose:
  100 starlight rose(@57) = 5700g
  -> 120 roseate(@39) + 4 sallow(@149) = 5276g

If you're interested in manufacturing darkmoon cards (which sell for varying amounts, averaging somewhere around 5000g, but sometimes requiring multiple attempts to sell), a mix of 30 dreamleaf and 5 felwort should produce approximately the materials needed for one card, on average.  "On average" is key here; milling dreamleaf is pretty variable due to the RNG of nightmare pods.  At current prices, that's about 1250g of materials.