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« on: October 23, 2013, 02:30:47 AM »

This is pretty similar to normal mode, with a few major exceptions:

- About 10-15s into P1, Immerseus will gain a buff. Every time you DPS him with this buff, you get a stacking DoT on you and spawn an add. The buff has a certain number of stacks (fewer each P1), which limits the amount of DoTs that can go out and the amount of adds that can spawn. At 1 stack, this DoT doesn't hurt much, at over 5, it hits pretty hard. In 25m we didn't have to spend a lot of attention on this, since once all DPS got 4-5 stacks, we would be through all the stacks of his buff, go AoE adds, and then continue burning him. Not sure if this is the same on 10m. AoE effects don't proc the debuff, so adds should be held near the boss so he can be cleaved with adds.

- The little black pools in P1 spawn more frequently. What we did was have the entire raid stand in a line from center of circle to edge of circle, and slowly move to the right or left (usually we went left, but then we ran into a bug [see below]), with tanks also moving to the side.

- P2 is same as normal, except the pool in the middle expands. Someone standing in it will make the pool shrink again. Ultimately we found this mechanic very ignorable as it would just sort of happen on its own.

- Damage when the adds hit the pool at the end of P2 is very intense. You will want healing CDs set up for this.

- We did run into a bug in P2 where a friendly add that wasn't healed all the way up would bug out and not enter the pool and just sit by the edge. This is a very positive bug. However, when this happens, the sha pools from P1 will stay up into the next P1 as well. So be prepared to make changes to where to stack on the fly if this is bugging out for you.

I was DPS for this fight, but apparently healing on adds is a little intense at the end. Overall, though, the beginning part of the fight is the really tough part, and it gets easier as it goes along.
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Re: Immerseus
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2014, 05:00:38 PM »
Going by wowprogress numbers, this is the easiest heroic fight, but we had a fair amount of trouble with it; it took us three and a half sessions and 56 wipes to get it down.  By contrast, we only wiped on heroic Norushen twice.

We tried several strategy variations before settling on an approach similar to what Honorata outlined above:

* Everyone starts out in a line from the boss to the outside of the room, except for the main tank who is a bit to the left and the melee who are a bit to the right.

* People move slowly to the right as puddles form.

* When swelling corruption starts, mostly go all out and use mass dispels, individual dispels, and personal dispels to reset stack counts.  People with individual dispels do need to be careful not to go above five stacks.

* The first swirl happens partway through dealing with swelling corruption.  If it's going to overlap the raid, plow through it to the right rather than fleeing it to the left; as long as you take only one hit you're usually okay.  DPS-to-healing cooldowns like Ancestral Guidance and Nature's Vigil are really useful when this is going to happen, especially since they are useless at the end of split phases.  Tanks should try to stagger getting knocked back so that one of them is always in melee range of the boss.

* Both tanks gather adds (they come in between the first and second corrosive blasts, so both tanks can be with the raid), because fifty adds all on one tank is pretty hard to survive.  To avoid aggro issues, we don't generally open up with AOE until the swirl is partway done, by which time the tanks should have a lock on most of the adds.  We started out with our paladin running righteous fury, but eventually gave that up.

We initially had a lot of trouble keeping the main tank in range of healers while still not murdering anyone with corrosive blasts.  Our eventual solution was to mark one crabby Canadian healer and tell everyone else to position around him.  Each corrosive blast is pointed sufficiently left of the healer to avoid killing him, and it's everyone else's job not to be to his left.  This means people who are further out have to move further than the minimum distance out of sha puddles to avoid lagging behind the marked healer.  The warcraftlogs combat replay of our kill illustrates this pretty well:

After that was under control, our tanks took a few more pulls to nail down the rhythm of the fight and correctly trade off and point each corrosive blast (tip: turn off all DBM timers except for corrosive blast), and then it was down to the berserk timer, which is fairly tight.  On our kill, I believe we never let Immerseus do a second swirl during a phase 1, and we still only barely made the timer.  Also, the incoming damage on the last couple of split phases is high enough to cause deaths because of the large number of healing puddles; I think most of the raid died on our last split phase, but of course it didn't matter since that was the end of the fight.

One point of mechanics: according to the dungeon journal, every black puddle killed and every blue puddle healed during the split phase removes one corruption, so to minimize the number of phases you have to do, you just want to maximize the number of adds you're taking care of.  I thought I had heard that only the healing puddles remove corruption, so I was telling our hybrid healers to try to heal one puddle for each of the split phases after the first one or two, even at the cost of missing some black puddles.  As it turns out, this is only a good idea for the last couple of split phases where there just aren't very many black puddles.
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