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Paragons of the Klaxxi
« on: October 04, 2013, 08:47:08 PM »
This fight is pretty hectic, and I recommend starting to look up information about it a bit before you think it might be progression for your group, since there's basically 9 guys who come out in random order, so you have to really know all 9 bosses' abilities. ( here's the full icy-veins run-down )

There are also some video guides on youtube specifically geared toward DPS, tanks, or healers that can give a run-down of what your specific role needs to know (about a 10m video) instead of the entire fight (a half-hour video. lol)

Anyway, here's a short rundown of some of what we ran into/noticed with each guy and what may help prioritizing kill targets for you guys.

Also, the boss order is random from week to week, so I can't give you an exact kill order, but I can tell you our priority targets and how we dealt with some of the mechanics.

This guy is a huge butt and should probably go down as soon as he's activated because of his healing ability. He was one of two KILL ON SIGHT bosses for us.

There are two reliable ways to handle the amber heal he will cast on himself (or another paragon), and a third that depends on the order the bosses activate in a given lockout. You can either use lust when you get him down to ~60%, burn the hell out of the amber, and then burst him down while the amber is still on CD. You can also use his mechanics against him by using cleave/target swapping to take both Korven and another paragon down to ~55%, then push the other one (which you're not killing at the moment) to 49% first. He'll amber heal the other one, and you have 30s before amber comes off CD to kill Korven. If you're lucky enough to have killed Karoz the Locust before Korven activates, you can use Strong Legs to throw some amber down and one-shot the amber Korven encases allies in. This will probably take some practice, and can't always be depended on. (Karoz was the second to last to activate for us, so we had to use lust to get Korven down.)

Korven also has a frontal conal attack, and we found it very useful to mark our tanks so that melee didn't accidentally stand in front of Korven and get cleaved to death.

We actually got this guy in our initial three paragons, and found the parasite thing SUPER annoying, so he was our other burn target. Depending on how well your group deals with vehicles/parasites/whatever, he's not terrible, but we found him pretty annoying and wanted to get him out of the fight quickly.

We initially thought this guy was going to be our kill target of our three initial ones. The bloods he summons are pretty annoying, but can be stunned/slowed, so just try to spread your stuns/slows throughout the room to handle him. You'll still probably want to dispatch him pretty quickly. Ideally you don't want to have him and Korven up at the same time if you can help it, but sometimes this is just going to happen.

The way we handled Aim was to put raid markers up around the room (we did 5, but a 10m might only want to do NSEW or something) and then assign the raid to a quadrant of the room. Basically, it would work like, if you were assigned to north, you would be responsible for lining up for north, east, and west, but not south. This really isn't too bad as long as people spread out. You can keep this guy up for a while, but at 3+ stacks of the buff, Aim really starts to hurt, so you'll want to get rid of him based on his stacks, really. Aim appeared to go through immunities (bop, shield, ice block) on our attempts.

The blue catalyst can be REALLY devastating if communication is an issue, so we usually tried to get rid of this guy pretty early after he activated if possible. (We'd usually get rid of him at like 1 stack.)

The way we dealt with blue catalyst was to use the raid markers we had set up for Aim. Basically if you got the blue catalyst, you'd go to a raid marker, call it out, and then someone would come be your buddy if he activated the blue catalyst. (Since you don't want multiple blues stacking together.)

In 25m, 3 people could share the blue, but 2 people with personal CDs could survive it. I believe it's possible to solo soak it with divine shield, deterrence, ice block, dispersion, diffuse magic, etc. but I'm not 100%

This was actually not a big deal, although having him up when Xaril or Hisek is up can be a bit of an issue since people are likely to be sub-25% health on occasion with those guys up. Otherwise, just spread loosely and be ready to spread further when he does his calculations.

The kunchongs are SUPER annoying. Priests can life grip a player away from certain death when they're being fixated by a kunchong, but ultimately DPS need to be good about switching to the adds.

Whirling is a huge pain the ass. (We lost people on a few attempts to whirling hitting people who'd just eaten blue catalyst.) Basically, stay spread out as much as you can. You can use abilities like EMFH, divine shield, etc. to get out of the whirling stun, and people can be BoPed out of it.

This guy is p much no big deal. We killed him last. If you get him early, just make sure he doesn't get like a bajillion stacks, but you can leave him up for a while if you need to.


As far as buffs go, I only really got to play with the one from Iyyokuk the Lucid, which is overall less useful in 10m than 25m. (It gives you an extra action button that will cast an instant heal your target, and then split a copy of that healing done to all other players in your raid sharing the race and class of that target.) I would say, ideally, in 10m, just have the healer that tends to OOM grab this one, as it's free healing. (It was roughly 2% of my total healing in 25m, and we got Iyyokuk in almost the exact middle of the fight.)
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Re: Paragons of the Klaxxi
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2013, 06:38:09 AM »
Okay, I've now killed this like four times (twice on normal and twice on flex) and the activation order seems to be non-random in live (as opposed to the random order seen on PTR)

Here's the activation order I've seen listed elsewhere:
Hisek, Skeer and Rik'kal

Our kill order is roughly:
Rikkal (Karoz activates) - we ignore initial bloods from Skeer and burn him hard while CDs are up
Skeer (Korven activates)
Korven (Iyyokuk activates)
Hisek (Xaril activates)
Karoz (Kaztik activates)
Xaril (Kilruk activates)

I'm not 100% on this kill order as I've been healing the few times we've done this. I'll keep better track this week now that I'll be killing this as DPS. (I feel like we get rid of Kaztik earlier than this says we do, but I'm having trouble figuring out when.)

I do know that sometimes we get rid of Xaril before Karoz, as messing up Xaril is usually where we wipe.

 If your tank is good at keeping up active mitigation (i've heard druid tanks are especially good at this) to keep parasites from spawning, you can apparently let Rikkal stay up pretty much indefinitely, though.

Here's what I've overall read counts as active mitigation for various tanks for injection from Rikkal:
Druids - savage defense
Monks - Elusive Brew, guard (Shuffle does not count)
Death Knight - blood shield
Paladin - shield of the righteous
Warrior - shield block
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Re: Paragons of the Klaxxi
« Reply #2 on: December 07, 2013, 09:00:21 AM »
The guides for this boss are kind of terrible because (1) they were mostly made before people realized that the spawn order was fixed, and (2) it's so lightly tuned that most guide-making groups don't spend much time learning the complicated mechanics.  Despite the light tuning, you can easily lose some attempts to one mechanic or another, so here is my attempt to break down the fight.  I am going to assume the kill order Honorata mentioned in her second post: Rik'kal Skeer Korven Hisek Ka'roz Xaril Iyyokuk Kaz'tik Kil'ruk.  I will cover stuff in the order it appears during the fight.  I may be wrong about some details, but will try to correct stuff as I find out more information.

DPS/healer stuff

* Parasites (until #1 Rik'kal is dead): If your Rik'kal tank is successful, you won't get any of these, so it's reasonable to just declare an early wipe if you see them.  If you do get them, they need to be focused down since they heal.

* Scorpion (until #1 Rik'kal dies): If you are turned into a scorion, go over to Rik'kal and spam your 1/2/3 abilities.  If there are parasites, use your 4 ability to kill one instantly; but this has a cooldown so you can't kill more than one or two.

* Bloodletting (until #2 Skeer dies): When bloods are summoned, there will be a telegraph as to where they will appear.  Switch to them ASAP, slow/stun them, and DPS them as much as possible before they reach the paragons.  The more damage you do, the less damage your kill target will take.

* Aim (until #4 Hisek dies): when a line appears from a paragon to a player, get in it if you're nearby, but only if you fit without standing within five yards of someone else.  Try to space yourself along the line to allow the most players in it.  In 10s, the hit from Aim is usually survivable even with just one person in the beam, so don't go to excessive lengths to get in.

* Whirling (from when #1 Rik'kal dies until #5 Ka'roz dies): Just don't stand next to other people while Ka'roz is up, to avoid sharing the stun/damage this causes.

* Amber (from when #2 Skeer dies until #3 Korven dies): When Korven reaches 50%, pop heroism and cooldowns.  Use a "/tar Amber" macro to swap to the amber immediately.  You don't need a ton of DPS to burn it down, but since you only have ten seconds to do so, even a short delay in swapping targets can be a problem.  Once you get the amber down, try to kill Korven before he gets another one off.  See "alternate Amber strategy" below if you get stuck on this.

* Fiery Edge (from when #3 Korven dies until #7 Iyyokuk dies): When the lines appear, make sure you're not standing in them.  If you're one of the nodes and one of the lines from you to another person is really short, move to make the line longer so that you're not taking a ton of damage.  Otherwise stand still to avoid moving the lines into other people.  The tuning is such that you can heal through this without letting it disrupt the raid very much.

* Injections (from when #4 Hisek dies until #6 Xaril dies): If you have the blue toxin, then each time the catalyst goes off, you need to have buddied up with exactly one other person (two people in 25s) who doesn't have the blue toxin.  This is a little tough to coordinate, so it's not uncommon to lose people to this and then combat rez or limp along to victory.

* Kunchongs (from when #5 Ka'roz dies until #8 Kaz'tik dies): Try not to stand close to a kunchong, and try not to stand far from the rest of the raid.  When a yellow line appears from a kunchong to someone, switch ASAP to that kunchong and DPS it until the yellow line disappears.  If a mature kunchong spawns, kill it ASAP while trying not to stand in front of it.  Otherwise ignore the kunchongs.

* Death From Above (from when #6 Iyyokuk dies until you win): There will be a telegraph for the landing zone.  Try not to be in it.

Tank stuff

* Rik'kal (#1): Injection has a cast bar.  Put active mitigation up for each cast.  If you screw up, and Rikkal is almost dead, stop using active mitigation so that your stack doesn't drop off before Rikkal dies.  If you are tanking Rikkal, do not tank either of the other bosses; especially do not get aggro on Skeer, who will do extra damage to you.

* Korven (#3): Taunt-swap Korven when he shield bashes his current tank, and avoid standing in the frontal cone of his vicious assault.

* Xaril (#6): Use active mitigation to prevent caustic blood from stacking (does it have a cast bar like Rikkal's injection?).  If it stacks to ten, you will die, so call for a taunt swap before this happens.

* Kil'ruk (#9): This is the last guy to spawn.  Whoever spent the least amount of time tanking Xaril should tank this guy.

* Hisek, Iyyokuk, and Kaz'tik supposedly do not need to be tanked.  So don't tie yourself in knots making sure to keep aggro on them.

Picking up buffs when paragons die

You can ignore all of these and still win handily, so it's not worth spending time on this during a raid briefing.  But here's what you can do with them, in kill order:

* Rik'kal: Anyone can pick this up and use the extra action button to become a scorpion for 30s with a 2m cooldown.  Scorpions need to be healed but (I presume) do a lot of damage.   It's best to pop this the first time when Korven hits 50%; if you use three healers, one of the healers could do this for a big boost on raid damage.

* Skeer: A DPS can pick this up and use the extra action button to make healing orbs proc on attacks for 10s.  I can't think of a time when this is particularly useful.  Best used by melee.

* Korven: A tank can pick this up and use the extra action button to give someone a 5s invulnerability buff (not sure if the buff also stuns).  Could maybe be used to save a blue injection person or the Xaril tank, but doesn't seem easy to pull off.

* Hisek: A ranged DPS can pick this up and use the extra action button to do a bunch of damage (use from long range for maximum effect) and put up a 15% increased damage debuff.  Not so useful because Korven is already dead, but maybe nice to get Ka'roz and Xaril down before the Xaril tank gets too many debuffs.

* Ka'roz: A DPS can pick this up and use the extra action button to hurl amber at an enemy.  Again, maybe useful to get Xaril down faster.

* Xaril: A healer can pick this up and use the extra action button to cause healing to pre-heal for 10s with a 30s cooldown.  Probably best to ignore this.

* Iyyokuk: A healer can pick this up and use the extra action button to heal a player and every player of the same class or race.  A free buff with no special use.

* Kaz'tik: Anyone can pick this up and use the extra action button to summon a friendly kunchong.  Your raid is home free once Kaz'tik is dead, but maybe if you're approaching the berserk timer this could help.  Best if a healer uses this since not much healing is required at this point in the fight and it won't cost any DPS.

* Kil'ruk: A DPS can pick this up and use the extra action button to jump forward and do AOE damage.  If you're using the suggested kill order, you should be busy collecting loot when you kill Kil'ruk, so nobody can use this button.

Alternate Amber strategy

Korven can cast Amber once every 30 seconds, and always casts it on a paragon who is below 50% health.  If you swap and burn the amber, you only have twenty seconds to kill Korven before he casts it again.  But if you fool Korven into casting Amber on a target you don't care about, you can ignore the Amber and have a full 30 seconds to kill Korven.  So, the alternate strategy is to bring Korven to 60-70%, then bring Hisek to 50%, then ignore the Amber and kill Korven.
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Re: Paragons of the Klaxxi
« Reply #3 on: December 11, 2013, 04:57:55 AM »
Over Halloween (i think), my former raid team had a lot of people not show up because holiday, and we ended up running two 10m with some of the bench. My 10m had some of the lower DPS folks in it, and if you don't have a lot of burst/your DPS is lowish, the strat where you force Korven to cast Amber on another Paragon to buy yourself some extra time works like a charm. Works wonders if you're just a lil bit short of being able to burn the Amber.
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