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Lei Shen
« on: June 17, 2013, 07:20:02 AM » (Vox) (Aliena) (Fatboss)

The good news about this fight is that if you've seen it in LFR, you've seen all of the mechanical elements.  The bad news is that the intermissions are kind of rough.  Level 2 static shocks (the minimum) hit quite hard on two or three players, and the conduit abilities go off more quickly in normal mode.

Here is the intermission schedule based on DBM timers:

* 6 seconds: diffusion chain and overcharge
* 14 seconds: bouncing bolt
* 21 seconds: static shock
* 29.5 seconds: overcharge
* 31 seconds: diffusion chain
* 37 seconds: bouncing bolt
* 39 seconds: static shock

Using this knowledge, you can learn a little script for the first intermission:

1. Get to your quadrant and spread out.
2. If your quadrant has an overcharge, stand in it.  Watch out for waves coming in from other quadrants.  Start killing the add if it's in your quadrant, but don't forget to...
3. Catch the first bouncing bolts.
4. Group up for static shock.  Spread out after it goes off.
5. If your quadrant has an overcharge, stand in it, but don't be too quick about it, because diffusion chain will go off about two seconds after the overcharges appear.
6. Catch the second bouncing bolts.
7. Immediately after the bolts drop, run together for static shock.  There should be barely enough time.

People should ideally use a weak defensive cooldown for step 4 and a strong one for step 7.  But if you only have one defensive cooldown, step 7 is the biggest pressure point.  Alternatively, you can try to set things up so that the second static shock can always be taken solo with cooldowns, but I think that's impossible with most comps.

If you destroy the diffusion chain quadrant first, the second intermission will have a simpler script:

1. Go to your quadrant and group up in the center.  You should already be in place for the first overcharge if it happens where you are.
2. Catch the first bouncing bolts, then group up again in the center.
3. Stay together for the first static shock and the second overcharge.
4. Catch the second bouncing bolts, then group up again (wherever is closest) for the second static shock.


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Re: Lei Shen
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2013, 06:41:31 PM »
Now that we've gotten this guy, here's a list of the pressure points we ran into.  None of them are terrible by themselves, but all added together, you have to get a lot right to have a good pull.  Our strategy was to destroy the eastern quadrant in the first phase (going east, south, west, north) and level/destroy the southern quadrant in the second phase (going north, west, south).

1. Timing issues in phase 1.  This is mostly on the raid leader and the tanks.  You generally don't want to move from quadrant to quadrant during thunderstruck, and you don't want a second conduit ability to go off (or else you'll fail to handle the conduit ability or level up the conduit, both of which are bad).  You also don't want to go into the transition while a conduit ability is going off or while a tank is being decapitated.  The specific timing we went with was:
  - Call to leave first quadrant at 84%, actually get him out at about 92%
  - Call to leave second quadrant at 74%, actually get him out at about 86%
  - Call to leave third quadrant at about 70%, right as the thunderstruck is landing
  - Stop DPS if we're at 70% or below.
  - Call to start DPS such that we reach the transition just after the static shock and decapitate go off.

2. Decapitate deaths in phase 1.  Purely a matter of tanks paying attention and practicing.  Movement speed buffs (like Body and Soul) can help a lot.

3. Static shock deaths in the first intermission, usually due to people not being topped off.  We had a paladin healer run righteous fury in one of the tank-adjacent quadrants so that tanks could taunt the diffused lightning adds away, but that didn't work perfectly--if an add spawned in the tank-opposing quadrant on the second diffusion chain, it wouldn't make it to the tanks before the second static shock.  We agreed to pet-tank adds in that case since we had a warlock in the tank-opposing quadrant, although we didn't get to the point of using that strategy before we got our kill.  With enough practice, healers were keeping their quadrants up pretty reliably if not perfectly.

4. Failing to catch bouncing bolts in the first intermission, sometimes due to overcharge stuns.  We improved on this by (1) when spreading out, try not to stand too close to a quadrant (except the tank quadrant, which is okay), and (2) warning people to get ready to catch right after overcharge happens.

5. Multiple-diffusion spawns in the first intermission.  You have to delay gathering for the second overcharge to avoid this, which is kind of a nail-biter.  Usually you can see the diffusion chain go off (even if it's not in your quadrant) which is your cue to gather.

6. Fusion slash punting the tanks off the edge.  This didn't happen very often, and is mostly a matter of the tanks paying attention after each lightning whip.  It helps if, when you gather to kill ball lightnings, everyone stands on the outside edge of the boss until he does the lightning whip, so that the whip doesn't take up much room on the platform.

7. Timing issues in phase 2.  There weren't as many of these, but we still lost one or two pulls to things like getting a second bouncing bolts in the western quadrant.  When we got this right, we would generally move out of the north and west quadrants right as the fusion slash was happening, which was at 80% for the north and 70% for the west.

8. Not tank swapping in phase 3.  This is purely a matter of tank education and familiarity.  You swap at ten stacks, which happens pretty quickly.

Once we worked out the script for the second intermission (from the post above), we had zero problems with it.  Much easier than the first intermission.