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« on: April 11, 2013, 07:37:04 PM » Fatboss 10 Tankspot 25

The main gist is that you assign groups to travel to nests around the platform and kill groups of hatchlings when they spawn. OG decided to split into 5 groups (3 DPS, 1 Healer each) to kill the their assigned nests. Once you kill the birds you get an extra action button to fly back up or down, depending on where your nest was at, and resume DPS'ing the boss. There's another mechanic involved where you can intercept Feeding The Young whilst flying in order to get a DPS buff but this isn't something we actively explored.

The boss platform itself is fairly uneventful; there can be lots of green crap on the ground (they can be soaked up but with a high damage cost) at various points and Quills is a raid-wide AoE that requires strong CDs to survive each time, especially for those who may be at a nest and thus not benefitting from any extra healers. Her only other ability is Downdraft, where she tries to buff you off the edges but this isn't difficult to avoid in any sense of the word and can be avoided if you are flying.

We didn't kill her tonight, our first night of working on her, but with five tries, we got her down to 42% on the last two, so the learning curve isn't very steep. Once you get the mechanics down, this boss seems REALLY easy but I can attest that getting your mini-group together and jumping down/flying up together without losing too much DPS time is somewhat tricky. If your healer doesn't make it at the same time, you'll likely get eaten, especially on upper platforms.

Overall a pretty fun fight thus far.