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Cheesing "I'm on a Boat"
« on: April 08, 2010, 08:27:17 PM »
So, the achievement is to win Gunship battle without anyone ever going to the enemy ship more than once.  The canonical "hard" way to do this involves splitting up the raid into two strong tank/healer teams, having each team stay on the enemy boat for two mages (which lets Saurfang's stack get pretty high), and to finish in four mages or less.

But... there's a clever use of game mechanics which lets you send one team across for the whole fight.  Here's how it works for the alliance:

Around the tail end of the horde ship is a raised metallic wall (some kind of armor, I guess).  You can stand on it; from a pathing perspective it's like a raised ramp.  So what you do as the away team tank is:

  * Get some threat on Saurfang for a few seconds.
  * Rocket to one side of the ramp.
  * Wait for him to get close to you.
  * Rocket to the other side of the ramp.
  * Rinse and repeat.

To get to you, Saurfang has to either go around the top of the ramp, or go back down to the deck and across.  The mechanics are a little fiddly (he can hit you up to ~3 seconds after you jump as if you were in the old location) but once you get good at it, you'll never take a hit.  Supposedly attacking him while in the air is bad, but I never had any threat problems.

If you're doing the fight as horde, you might be able to do the same thing using the stairs on the alliance ship, rocketing between the top and bottom.