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Disc priest tips?
« on: April 06, 2010, 09:49:31 AM »
I've got a priest currently leveling through outlands as shadow, but I dual-specced for healing because it's basically an instant queue as a healer if you want to run an instance to break up the quest drudgery.

Current Disc Spec at level 64, with PW:S and Penance glyphs.

Disc healing seems to work well for 5-mans, particularly since the quality of tanks seems to vary wildly at this level.

Normally, I shield the tank on the pull, use flash heal once shield wears off and they start taking damage, and use penance if they drop below 60% or so to catch up.  DPS get a shield if they are dumb and stand in stuff, and then a renew after that if they need it.  This seems to work fine, and I generally don't have too much trouble with mana.

So here's my questions:

Am I basically doing it right with my spell selection?  In 'oh crap' moments, I've been using pain suppression - inner focus - greater heal .  Does that seem about right?  When is a good time to use power infusion?

As I get more talent points, do I continue in Holy or are there points I have missed in the Disc tree that are more important?  (Aspiration, maybe?)  How good (or bad) are reflective shields for PvE?

Disc seems to have better overlap with shadow for gearing as a second spec, since haste doesn't seem to be as valuable as it is for holy and shadow doesn't value it too highly, either.  What is the general stat priority amongst SP, crit, int, and spirit?

Any other suggestions are also welcome.


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Re: Disc priest tips?
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2010, 10:31:44 AM »
If you're only using disc in dungeons, don't bother with reflective shields.  They changed it a long while back to only work on the shields cast on yourself (it's basically a pvp/solo thing).

Healing at low levels is pretty boring with both specs, you can pretty much get away with just spamming flash heal since there's not big bursty situations.  There's also not very many actual healing spells.

Greater heal and prayer of healing are usually too slow to be terribly effective but if you know something's gonna whack your entire group you can always pre-shield someone (yourself or tank ideally) and then throw a hasted PoH.  Same can be said for greater heal: if you know the tank(or anyone) will get hit hard, shield them then start up a greater heal.

I think you just got binding heal, which seems cool but takes a little getting used to with how to use it effectively.  It does have a pretty steep cost (27% base mana) but it's cheaper than two flash heals (18% base mana each) but flash heal gets talents like improved flash heal (-15% mana cost) and then glyph of flash heal (-10% mana cost) reduces it further.  With both of those, flash heal turns into being 13.77% base mana which makes two flash heals only slightly more expensive than one binding heal.  Of course, two flash heals would take twice as long to cast.

At 68, you'll get prayer of mending which can be pretty cool for some fights.

Talent-wise, Aspiration is part of the cookie-cutter disc spec and it can be situationally useful but can probably be left out until higher levels when those spells are used more often.  Focused will is also nice but can be put in the same category as Aspiration.  People usually ignore Silent Resolve (and instead put the 3 points into improved inner fire since it starts giving spellpower at 71) since healing aggro really shouldn't be an issue with how face-roll tanking is now (especially aoe tanking).  As long as you don't like.. buff as your tank is pulling or whatever, you shouldn't be getting aggro.  You'll want to get inspiration since that is a good amount of damage mitigation for your tank if you get it to stay on.

In terms of the "oh crap" moments thing, you can usually get away with just a shield->penance->gheal if you really need the big heal.  The Borrowed Time buff will not get consumed on channeled spells (i.e. penance) so you will, essentially, get two hasted spells.  You can save pain suppression for the really big "oh crap" moments.

I usually throw my power infusion on a good DPSer.

Haste is still good for disc, so don't avoid it completely, there's just better stats to focus on.  There is a point where you'll run into the problem where your hasted spells from Borrowed Time will bump into the GCD, but I don't think you'll run into that issue until you hit 80.


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Re: Disc priest tips?
« Reply #2 on: April 06, 2010, 12:38:08 PM »
I believe the haste cap for disc is around 11%. It's not worth stacking/gemming for, but you'll end up with enough of it just via gear at 80.

Personally I stack int/sp on my disc priest. You'll need around 30% crit, which again, will come from gear that you need not worry about gemming for pure crit (obviously you'll get crit from int as well). Spirit is not worth gemming for (and never enchanting for imo) unless you're sharing a piece of gear between disc and shadow. You get more mp5 from straight mp5 than you do spirit (so if you need that blue gem socket, go for int/mp5 or sp/mp5 instead of either with spirit).

Depending on how you do for mana, you can stop gemming int and go pure sp. I had to do this since my heals were basically not hitting hard enough imo and mana has never been my issue. In particular, if you know the lengths of fights and such, you should be able to time your Shadowfiend and Hymn of Hope appropriately to never go oom.

I also use Penance before flash heal to put up the stacks of Grace.

As for Power Infusion, I usually put it on a good dps-er as well. I can probably count the number of times on one hand that I have used it on myself, but it is a helpful if you want to save some mana or the tank is getting hit really hard and you want to speed up your heals.

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Re: Disc priest tips?
« Reply #3 on: April 06, 2010, 04:04:09 PM »
Fully raid buffed, the haste soft-cap for Disc is 11%, yes.

You get 3% haste from Ret Paladins or Balance Druids and 5% spell haste from Wrath of Air totem.  Without either of those, you'd need 19%.