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Pre-MoP Directory: Jewelcrafting
« Reply #15 on: March 29, 2011, 10:01:24 AM »
Matthen can do the Int+CritDamage meta & the Str+CritDamage.

For matthen send to Deren so it doesnt get lost in AH mail spam.


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Pre-MoP Directory: Jewelcrafting
« Reply #16 on: November 29, 2011, 01:56:12 PM »
I slacked stockpiling tokens for the new epic cuts, but here's what I picked up today:

Bold Queen's Garnet (+50 Str)
Brilliant Queen's Garnet (+50 Int)
Delicate Queen's Garnet (+50 Agi)

Artful Lava Coral (+25 Int/+25 Mastery)
Potent Lava Coral (+25 Int/+25 Crit)
Reckless Lava Coral (+25 Int/+25 Haste)
Skillful Lava Coral (+25 Str/+25 Mastery)

Fractured Lightstone (+50 Mastery)

Etched Shadow Spinel (+25 Str/+25 Hit)
Purified Shadow Spinel (+25 Int/+25 Spirit)
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Pre-MoP Directory: Jewelcrafting
« Reply #17 on: November 29, 2011, 02:43:51 PM »
I had 150 tokens yesterday.  I bought pretty much what Honorata posted above, and could still basically buy anything else someone needs.  But I'd rather hear people want it first before buying.  Ping me, I'll buy the recipe, and you'll get a gem cut.

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Pre-MoP Directory: Jewelcrafting
« Reply #18 on: December 02, 2011, 07:23:50 AM »
So far via the random Drandius as picked up
 [wow]Design: Bold Queen's Garnet[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Brilliant Queen's Garne[/wow]   
 [wow]Design:Delicate Queen's Garnet[/wow]
 [wow]Design:Flashing Queen's Garnet[/wow]
 [wow]Design:Precise Queen's Garnet[/wow]
 [wow]Design:Rigid Deepholm Iolite[/wow]
 [wow]Design:Solid Deepholm Iolite[/wow]
 [wow]Design:Sparkling Deepholm Iolite[/wow]
 [wow]Design:Stormy Deepholm Iolite[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Balanced Elven Peridot[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Etched Shadow Spinel[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Forceful Elven Perido[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Infused Elven Peridot[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Jagged Elven Peridot[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Lightning Elven Peridot[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Misty Elven Peridot[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Nimble Elven Peridot[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Piercing Elven Peridot[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Puissant Elven Peridot[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Radiant Elven Peridot[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Regal Elven Peridot[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Sensei's Elven Peridot[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Shattered Elven Peridot[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Steady Elven Peridot[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Turbid Elven Peridot[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Vivid Elven Peridot[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Zen Elven Peridot[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Adept Lava Coral[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Artful Lava Coral[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Champion's Lava Coral[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Crafty Lava Coral[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Deadly Lava Coral[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Deft Lava Coral[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Fierce Lava Coral[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Fine Lava Coral[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Inscribed Lava Coral[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Keen Lava Coral[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Lucent Lava Coral[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Polished Lava Cora[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Potent Lava Coral[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Reckless Lava Coral[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Resolute Lava Coral[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Resplendent Lava Coral[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Skillful Lava Coral[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Splendid Lava Coral[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Stalwart Lava Coral[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Tenuous Lava Coral[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Wicked Lava Coral[/wow]
 [wow][Design: Willful Lava Coral[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Accurate Shadow Spinel[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Defender's Shadow Spinel[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Glinting Shadow Spinel[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Guardian's Shadow Spinel][/wow]
 [wow]Design: Mysterious Shadow Spinel[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Purified Shadow Spinel[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Retaliating Shadow Spinel[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Shifting Shadow Spinel[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Sovereign Shadow Spinel[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Timeless Shadow Spinel[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Veiled Shadow Spinel[/wow]
 [wow]Design: Fractured Lightstone[/wow]   
 [wow]Design: Mystic Lightstone[/wow]   
 [wow]Design: Quick Lightstone[/wow]   
 [wow]Design: Smooth Lightstone[/wow]   
 [wow]Design: Subtle Lightstone[/wow]

All of the epic cuts.
He also has all the blue quality vendor cuts but None of the PvP cuts, none drop Blue cuts
Yes random hates me 4 PvP cuts out of 5.

Interesting why do some of the links show up as the design and others as the gem. I just editted the links and put Design: in front of the ones showing up as gems :o
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Pre-MoP Directory: Jewelcrafting
« Reply #19 on: January 12, 2012, 06:16:06 AM »
The link shows up as a gem if that's the first item in the wowhead db. you can specifically link to a design with its 5-digit ID number...which you can get after wowhead's maintenance.