Author Topic: Glory Gain in sPvP: Maximizing it and my issues with it  (Read 1975 times)


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Glory Gain in sPvP: Maximizing it and my issues with it
« on: September 24, 2012, 06:39:28 AM »
I've done a lot of PvP in GW2, in fact almost exclusively. I normally don't earn a lot of Glory per match, so this past weekend I decided to try out maximizing my Glory gains. The bizarre result is a HUGE increase in Glory and usually a Loss. What do you all think about the current system?
Right now defending points in sPvP is pointless as it earns you no points. Also, since you can not effectively 1v2 due to the downed state mechanic it makes defending solo a risky endeavor.
Meanwhile, it seems like the most effective way to gain Glory is to roam with the Zerg and look for team fights. When in a team fight, you want to tag as much as possible. For this, I found the Thief to be the best option. Their Shortbow's basic attack bounces between targets so you can tag a lot of enemies. Its 2 & 4 ability also provide meaningful AoE. I also built my Thief for a Pistolwhip Burst, but more tanky than glassy. This allowed me to drop enemies that were squishy or didn't have meaningful escapes, and win most fights solo. My main goal was not to die and to tag as much as possible, since you can get 5 or 15 points per enemy killed that you were "in combat" with. Also note, you earn no Glory if you are dead. So you want to hang back and not get caught (a huge problem since I am the type of person that loves to charge into the middle of enemies in a glorious fury).
If the maps had less than 5 players on each team, then I left. Since you get so much Glory for killing enemies, small groups means less kills and less node flips.
On Kylo, I always manned the Trebuchet. With Shortbow 5 you can actually teleport up the side so you can always claim it first unless there is another Thief. From there I would always target the closest point to the enemy where they usually pile in for the Cap Points. From there I just try to target where the biggest cluster of enemies are and if they leave me alone I sit in the Trebuchet all match. You earn 3 Points per hit plus the points if any of your targets die. One match I earned 449 Points from sitting in the Trebuchet. However, if multiple enemies come I always abandon ship and start heading over for where the repair kit spawns (capping a point if available). Kylo is definitely the map I consistantly earned the most points on.
Having said all that, I still won the majority of my matches. I believe my win % was close to 60%. But my personal playstyle was to gather the most glory as possible. And usually, even in a loss, I would score the highest Glory. The best was in a Capricorn match when my team lost, but I outscored the winning team's highest player nearly by a factor of x3.
So that being said, there is an issue with sPvP and the way Glory is administered. I'd like to see some changes come through that normalizes the Glory gains for the entire team, but maybe still award the bonus +5 Glory at the end for Top Players in the various fields (Revives, Caps, Neutralizers, Skirmishers, ect...). This would also hopefully help the base cap issue where the whole team sits on a node to get the 10 points when it doesn't cap any faster than if 1 person sits on it. As it stands, sPvP's Glory system needs a lot of help as it really encourages bad behavior that will probably get you more losses than wins in tPvP.
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