Author Topic: Warrior PvP: Run & Gun  (Read 1554 times)


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Warrior PvP: Run & Gun
« on: September 04, 2012, 06:42:08 AM »
I've been playing with my Asura Warrior in a "Run & Gun" spec for PvP that focuses on mobility and ranged damage. Below is a link with relevant information.

The spec I am using is slightly different. I'm also using Axe/Warhorn instead of Sword/Warhorn. I'm using Axe for the ranged snare (3) and for the melee AoE (2). Presently I'm finding I am chasing enemies more than I am trying to escape.

I'm finding the spec works really well 1v1 and has some amazing burst potential. The only thing that has given me any issue is being focused and not having any meaningful escapes. Although I like the Rifle-5 ability to knockback, I think I would prefer having the Engineer Rifle ability to blast the ground and leap to a desired location (inspired from Tristana from LoL no doubt).

Class wise, Thiefs are the only ones to give me a lot of trouble. That is mainly because they keep disappearing mid volley. Its usually a close fight, but typically I lose more than I win vs. a Thief.

Also, below is a video of the Run & Gun in a recent Tournament match.
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