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Theorycrafting/Advice: Commando Healing
« on: December 26, 2011, 08:37:42 AM »
Commando healing is built around two resource mechanics:

- Ammo: These are the action points you spend on spells/shots. You can have up to 12 action points saved up at any given time. The more ammo you have saved, the faster you regenerate more ammo, so you want to keep your ammo levels as high as you reasonably can without letting people's health get too low.

- Combat Support Cell / Supercharged Cells: Combat Support Cell is a buff you get from using Hammer Shot while using the "Combat Support Cell" type ammo (always use CSC ammo when healing). It stacks up to 30 times, and the more stacks you have, the more of a dmg/healing buff you get (from 0-3%).  [Eventually you get a talent that lets one of your other heals give CSC stacks.] At level 15 you can put a point in the talent Supercharged Cells which lets you expend these stacks for a short 10% dmg/healing buff, regenerating 2 ammo, and putting a few healing/dmg spells in a supercharged state for the duration.


Abilities (Healing):

- Hammer Shot: Hammer shot is free and builds stacks of CSC. It heals for very little (Whatever your Bonus Healing is divided up into 3 ticks. Each tick is individually capable of critting. You can see what your +healing is under the "Tech" field on your paper doll.). Even using healing ammo, you can still use this as a damage ability during light dmg phases if you prefer. (It works like a holy shock type spell where you can do dmg or heal with the same spell.) You CANNOT heal yourself with Hammer Shot. Even though it looks like you're channeling it, visually, you can move while this is ticking. Generally if people aren't in immediate danger of dying, you'll want to weave in some Hammer Shots to try to keep your ammo high and regenerating quickly.

- Medical Probe: So far this is my bread and butter heal. 2sec cast, costs 3 ammo to use, no cooldown. I think of this as like Divine Light or pre-Cata Holy Light. Your big slow expensive bomb. This can also be talented to give 6 stacks of Combat Support Cell per cast.

- Advanced Medical Probe: 1.5sec cast, 2 ammo to use, 9sec cooldown (no CD when Supercharged). I think of this as like Flash of Light (especially pre-Cata flash of light). Quicker, cheaper, but doesn't heal for as much. This can be talented at higher levels to have an addition HoT effect that will improve its healing a lot (and another talent to give its target an armor buff), and at higher levels you can talent to have AMP make the next MP cost less ammo, so the two should be used in tandem, with this being used pretty much on cooldown as long as it won't be pointless overheal.

- Kolto Bomb: Instant AoE heal, 6sec CD.  Nice for helping keep melee up, but also nice for some of the buffs it gives you to your healing:
--Kolto Residue: You can talent into making Kolto Bomb put Kolto Residue on its targets, increasing healing taken by those targets by 5% for 15 seconds
--Supercharged: puts a dmg reduction shell on its targets for 15 sec.

- Trauma Probe: Earth Shield! IN SPACE! It's a bit hard to monitor charges with the UI, so hopefully either the raid frame UI will change or add-ons will happen at some point. It costs no ammo to apply this, so you can err on the side of caution/re-writing it.

- Bacta Infusion: top-level Combat Medic talent. Instant single-target heal with a 21 sec CD.



Aim is the main stat for Troopers and this remains true for healing Commandos. I generally look for Aim/Endurance gear, and want more Aim than Endurance.

Tech Power: This stat seems to only show up on weapons and offhands so far. It increases your +healing. If two weapons are otherwise the same but one has more tech power, take the one with more tech power.

Power: Not exactly the same as tech power (I'm not sure of the difference) but also increases your +healing.

Crit: Crit is crit, and Commandos have a few nice talents that proc off crits/a fairly high crit chance to begin with, and can talent into making the crit healing bonus a slightly higher percentage.

Alacrity: haste is haste.

Surge: I'm not 100% on this, but it seems to increase the crit bonus. (ie how much your crits crit for.) I don't have any surge on gear to see how it scales for Commandos though.

I am not sure what will be the preferred secondary.

A NOTE ABOUT CUNNING: Cunning gives a small amount of +tech crit, so if you get a randomg +cunning drop for a slot you haven't filled yet on your toon, go ahead and use the cunning piece until you find one with aim on it. Generally, you will never take cunning gear over aim gear, if given both as an option. I am fairly sure a Cunning weapon COULD be an upgrade over an Aim weapon provided there was a lot more Tech Power on it, but I'm not sure what the math is on where that breakpoint is.


Other Abilities Worth noting:

- Field Aid: Dispel. Removes tech and physical debuffs by default, can be talented to remove mental debuffs. 4.5 sec CD, costs 2 ammo.

- Cryo Grenade: short term stun on a 60 sec CD. So far it has stunned even Champion type mobs when I'm doing heroic quests with people, so it's good for helping buy yourself some time to get people healed up.

- Concussion Round: CC, 2sec cast time, holds for up to 60sec, broken on dmg, 60sec CD. I do not know if you need hit/accuracy to make this last the full time, though.

- Concussion Charge: AoE knockback, 30 sec CD.

- Reactive Shield: 25% DR, 2 minute CD.

- Diversion: Threat dump on 45 sec CD.

- Adrenaline Rush: Ammo-less self-heal (15% of health over 10 sec, 3min CD).

- Recharge Cells: Recharges 6 ammo over 3 sec, can be talented to recharge more ammo. 2min CD.

- Full Auto and Charged Bolts: the two damage spells whose cost is decreased by being Supercharged.
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Re: Theorycrafting/Advice: Commando Healing
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2011, 11:54:06 AM »
TALENTS (this is the spec I am probably working toward)

Talentswise, once I started actually playing, seemed pretty straightforward, but here's what I've taken/am taking and what I'm skipping:

Cell Capacitor - yes
Makes your regen cooldown regen even more. Definitely worth taking.

Quick Thinking - yes
Lowers the casting time of your main healing spell, and lowers the cooldown on another. There is no reason not to take this.

Field Training - yes, eventually
6% crit is 6% crit, and this talent is needed to get to First Responder, but I found other talents in the early tiers more immediately helpful while leveling. Definitely take this, but others are a bigger priority.


Field Medicine - yes
Increases the healing done by MP and AMP and makes MP generate CSC stacks. Core Combat Medic talent.

Steady Hands - yes
Initially I was like "Meh, pushback protection and threat reduction won't be THAT important while leveling," but aggro can be everywhere with baby tanks and people just learning their classes, so I'd go ahead and put points in this pretty early.

Supercharge Cells - yes
Core Commando talent, important for regen and healing power. Put your point in this pretty much as soon as you get to the second tier of talents.

First Responder - yes, eventually
Crit heals give bonus alacrity. This talent is nice, but others take priority while leveling. Come back and pick this one up when you're higher level.


Efficient Conversions - skip/optional
This lowers the cost on some of your big CC/stun abilities. This sounds like a great PvP talent, and even a talent that might be really nice on certain fights, but I found other talents I preferred to put my points in.

Kolto Bomb - yes
Your AoE heal, and has lots of modifications to it available from other talents. And you need to take this to get to Kolto Residue.

Kolto Residue - yes
Makes your Kolto Bomb targets take 5% extra healing. Nice in groups where you're the only healer, and probably works really well when coordinated with other healers in a raid environment.

Combat Shield - skip
This makes your DR cooldown provide interrupt and pushback protection. I can imagine fights where this would be useful, but I haven't seen anything like it yet. This seems like more of a PvP talent.


Treated Wound Dressings - skip/optional
Pure DR talent. Might be useful on hardmode fights and very much so in PvP, but I'd skip it for a pure throughput build.

Field Triage - yes
AMP reduces cost of MP. This talent is awesome.

Med Zone - skip/optional
Increases the healing you take when you're using your DR cooldown. Sounds nice for PvP or hardmodes, but again, you probably have to skip it for throughput builds.


Preventative Medicine - yes
Gives AMP a HoT effect. core talent.

Armor Screen - yes (optional?)
Requires 2/2 Preventative Medicine; PM gives 10% armor buff. I'm not sure what all damage armor prevents, but this sounds like a strong tank healing talent.

Trauma Probe - yes
Earth Shield! In! SPAAAAACE! This seems like a core talent.

Psych Aid - yes, probably
This lets you dispel mental debuffs. I looked at the other healing trees and it looks like all healing specs can dispel mental debuffs or spec into dispelling mental, which makes it pretty similar to magic debuffs in WoW, and means a lot of fights with dispel mechanics will probably be built around dispelling mental debuffs. I could see skipping this for another talent in a 16m raid after discussion with your healing team (other healing specs seem to have a healing component to their dispel while Field Aid does not), but for 4m and 8m content, you should probably have this one.


Potent Medicine - yes, although you could maybe justify going 3/5 or 4/5 in it
This increases your crit heals heal for 165% up from 150%. If you really wanted some of those survivability talents from earlier, you could probably drop to 4/5 or 3/5 in this, but personally, I went for throughput in my sample spec and went 5/5.


Bacta Infusion - yes
I haven't gotten this yet to see exactly how much it heals for, but looks like a biggish instant heal.

In the other trees, I think the following are your best bets:

Ironsights: 9% Aim is 9% Aim
Advanced Tech: 2% healing is 2% healing. (also increases your healing received by 2%)
Havoc Rounds: Increases Kolto Bomb healing by 20%
Special Munitions: CSC gives 3% crit
Steadied Aim looked like it might have some very minimal utility, but I probably wouldn't put a point there.

Assault Specialist:
Weapon Calibrations: Never say no to free alacrity
Target Lock may be useful on fights with tight enrage timers where healers need to help with DPS A LOT, but I skipped it in the spec I've been working off of.
Parallactic Combat Stims looks like a nice ability for PvP, but probably won't be useful in PvE much, and there's too much good stuff in the Gunnery tree to go into the second tier of Assault, imo.
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Re: Theorycrafting/Advice: Commando Healing
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2011, 07:08:52 PM »
Field Triage

Finally got all three points in this talent, and have a couple notes on it:

1. It actually makes AMP make your next MP cast in the next 15 seconds cost 2 fewer ammo, so the talent descriptor is sliiiightly a lie. It's still really pro though.

2. Now that I have this talent, I don't need to weave in nearly as many Hammer Shots to keep from going out of ammo. If you're freaking out about how difficult it is to stay afloat on bad pulls, etc., it gets much better once you get this talent.
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