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Jedi Knight - Guardian
« on: December 20, 2011, 09:39:21 AM »
I don't feel that I've gone far enough (17, one instances) to review this class. But I wanted to start a thread anyway. My intent with this character is to be a Tank.

First, somebody took WoW's warrior and copy-pasta'ed it into Star Wars. Not even kidding. Search/replace Charge/Force Leap, Thunderclap/Force Sweep, Shockwave/Saber Dance, Sunder Armor/Sundering Strike, Revenge/Riposte, Shield Wall/Force Somethingorother. You don't have a shield, you have an offhand Shield Generator (totally different--and by totally different, I mean Not Different At All). No Rend yet, but I've got 33 more levels to go.

You'd think I'd be annoyed, but you'd be wrong, and this is why; I have been Pavolvianly trained to respond like a 4-year-old to the sound of a lightsaber. Since Star Wars was the first film I ever saw as a child (not even going into child psychology/impressionability) and it informed much of my play as a youth, I'm pretty much hopeless in this aspect. At some point, I may break or corrupt the dopamine loop provided by a fictional humming laser sword, but that has not happened yet. However, if you have no such addictions, be informed that you will likely be playing with nearly the exact same toolset as your WoW Warrior.

Like most other classes, there's a tank tree and 2 DPS trees. Oddly, a number of defensive-oriented talents are high in the DPS trees, with PvP talents similarly scattershot (feels pretty disorganized, overall), so I'm wondering if the tank tree is even the right place to go.

I took Synthweaving to control my destiny re:armor (much like Warriors were/are classically blacksmiths).

Now my question to any other Jedi Guardians out there is regarding the effectiveness of the tools provided; do I charge/thunderclap/shockwave/tab-sunder just like I would in WoW? Is threat a problem, or should I just focus on survivability? Do I have to watch/manage CC or just tank everything?

Tank stance at 14, Taunt at 16. This makes Esseles...interesting if done before 14.
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