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Directory: Blacksmithing
« on: February 24, 2010, 11:08:02 AM »
Please post here what non-vendor, non-trainer plans you know and the alt that knows them.
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Re: Directory: Blacksmithing
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2013, 03:13:29 PM »
Jinandius has learnt

 [wow]Haunted Steel Greathelm[/wow]
 [wow]Haunted Steel Treads[/wow]
 [wow][Haunted Steel Headguard[/wow]
 [wow]Haunted Steel Warboots[/wow]
 [wow]Haunted Steel Headcover[/wow]
 [wow]Haunted Steel Greaves[/wow]

 [wow]Lionheart Champion, Reborn[/wow] > [wow]Lionheart Executioner, Reborn[/wow]
 [wow]Dragonmaw, Reborn[/wow] > [wow]Dragonstrike, Reborn[/wow]

 [wow]Crafted Dreadful Gladiator's Armplates of Alacrity[/wow]
 [wow]Crafted Dreadful Gladiator's Armplates of Proficiency[/wow]
 [wow]Crafted Dreadful Gladiator's Girdle of Accuracy[/wow]
 [wow]Crafted Dreadful Gladiator's Girdle of Prowess[/wow]
 [wow]Crafted Dreadful Gladiator's Warboots of Alacrity[/wow]
 [wow]Crafted Dreadful Gladiator's Warboots of Cruelty[/wow]
 [wow]Crafted Dreadful Gladiator's Bracers of Meditation[/wow]
 [wow]Crafted Dreadful Gladiator's Clasp of Meditation[/wow]
 [wow]Crafted Dreadful Gladiator's Greaves of Meditation[/wow]
 [wow]Crafted Dreadful Gladiator's Bracers of Prowess[/wow]
 [wow]Crafted Dreadful Gladiator's Clasp of Cruelty[/wow]
 [wow]Crafted Dreadful Gladiator's Greaves of Alacrity[/wow]

  Crafted Dreadful Gladiator's Redemption I have all 5 parts

 Crafted Dreadful Gladiator's Vindication I have all 5 parts

   Crafted Dreadful Gladiator's Battlegear I have all 5 parts.

    Crafted Dreadful  Gladiator's Desecration I have all 5 parts.

Got all the stuff buyable with [wow]Spirit of Harmony[/wow]

Got a few[wow]Spirit of Harmony[/wow] now.
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