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Title: Notes from noobs
Post by: Thanamira on January 07, 2013, 09:17:34 AM
1.  I suspect most people reflexively do this, but I don't: check the AH for weapons.  The UI is good, so I claim, because I hate using AHs and don't mind at all with GW's.  Useful drops are rare, and weapon matters for DPS.

2.  Look for the green starburst on your map and in the world for where to go for your main storyline.  Note that it sometimes (albeit very rarely) lies: once, I missed the onscreen marker so I wandered around a lot lost.  Another time, it pointed me to the shortest path to the next zone, which was +5 levels, rather than the correct zone portal.
Title: Re: Notes from noobs
Post by: Aviel on January 09, 2013, 03:23:59 AM
Yea not crazy about the quest map stuff. It shows you were the quest giver is, but then you have to wander in a random directions to find the stuff you need sometimes. WoW has spoiled me with it's new map quest objective stuff.
Title: Re: Notes from noobs
Post by: Wren on January 09, 2013, 04:39:43 AM
Also worth noting is that you can list/sell things to the AH directly from your inventory at any time which is useful when your bags start filling up. Also very useful if you haven't noticed it yet is the send to collection option in your inventory where it will send all your crafting materials to the collection tabs of your bank.

WoW should seriously steal GW2's inventory system.
Title: Re: Notes from noobs
Post by: Thanamira on February 21, 2013, 05:26:44 PM
Daily quests are per account, not per character.

One of the things you get from completing the dailies is 1 Laurel, which is a currency.  Of note, you can go to a Laurel vendor and get crafting components by tier.  It usually contains 4 different kinds of {totem, scale, fang, claw, venom, blood, bone}, and anywhere from 2 to 6 of each.  (I haven't taken good notes, but it's like 6 of something, 2 of two things, and 1 of a fourth.)  Darn tootin' useful when you're trying to get over a crafting breakpoint.
Title: Re: Notes from noobs
Post by: Thanamira on March 12, 2013, 09:45:09 AM
Your character starts in their race capitol.  All the capitols have an Asura gate to Lion's Arch, so you can think of Lion's Arch as being the Dalaran with portals to all the other capitols.

Since you don't have hearthstones, it can be a bit expensive teleporting around.  Not to worry, though, you can easily teleport back to Lion's Arch, so at least your Return Home costs will be zero.

* At the top of your screen, click on the PvP icon.
* The very first time you do this, you'll see a large open area and a blocky hill in front of you.  Cross the field, go up the hill, and jump through the portal.
* You'll be in an area, and there'll be a portal at the far end.  Go through that, and bam, you're in Lion's Arch.

After the very first time, you'll skip that step.