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Title: Mesmer PvP
Post by: Vylin on August 29, 2012, 04:41:14 AM
Mesmer is a really fun class to play, and a frustrating class to play against. I've been trying to work on a good loadout and have found mixed success playing with a few different builds. Illusion management is an interesting mechanic to keep in mind.

Here are 2 videos I found useful regarding building and playing the Mesmer class.

This video is by one of my favorite hosts, Ed Park. He does a good job of explaining the mechanics of the class and how he found some success playing it.

I found this video last night when looking for builds and liked the way the information was presented. He does an excellent job of explaining the specific build and mechanics of the playstyle. This particular build is based on using Phantasms for the majority of the damage. Its also recommended to swap the Staff for the Greatsword.
Title: Re: Mesmer PvP
Post by: Vylin on August 30, 2012, 04:30:47 AM
I tried out the suggested Mesmer build and had great success. It took about 4 matches before I suffered my first death. 1v1 I was near unstoppable, and only was stopped by an Elementalist who was very smart about neutralizing my Phantasms.

Sword/Pistol + Staff is allegedly the way to go, and I will try that with this build this weekend, but honestly I love the aesthetics of the Greatsword over the Staff.

I also have found Blink to be an invaluable ability for closing gaps with a runner or, more importantly, to escape a bad situation. The Signet of Domination (Stun) is really good as well, so I replaced Mirror Image (2 Clone Summon) with this one. I kept Decoy (Invis + Clone Summon) because its saved my butt, and I use it in conjunction with Blink to get out of trouble. I am less than impressed with Elite skills, but instead of the suggest Mass Invisibility I'm sticking with the Time Warp.

I should also note that its really awesome to be able to play with different PvP builds, change your weapons, enchantments, skill loadout, ect...whenever you want and with no costs. It really allows you to play with your build hassle-free.